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Public Software – the paranense way of being latin

Conditions for use, publication, distribution, reproduction and alteration of the computing systems which are property of the Government of the State of Paraná.

Decree-Law 5.111/2005

Computer programs which are property of the public administration agencies, both direct and indirect, of the State of Paraná have been available for use, publication, distribution, reproduction and alteration since July 2005. The norms for that release are part of Decree-law 5.111/2005, authorship of the State Government.

The General Public License (GPL), which is part of the governmental decree, foresees the distribution of the programs accompanied by their respective source-code and the transfer of rights without charges. The programs are released without any kind of warranty since they are not the object of commercialization. Warranties apply only to recording services for CD’s or similar media, preparation and delivery of alterations, or improvement of systems technical support, among others. Another exception is that the holders of author’s rights on the derived programs will guarantee their part without any commitment from the authors of the original versions.

However, the license does not imply the transfer of title of the program, and does not constitute renouncement, abdication or concession of author rights on the part of the title holders. In the same way, the state-level public agencies which own title of the program have insured the credits on the part of the corresponding program

The release of its systems for public use is a retribution by the Government of Paraná to those who develop free software around the world. Shared knowledge is what has allowed CELEPAR- Paraná Computing to develop safe and high-quality solutions for the public administration of Paraná. With the release of its systems, the government also contributes to the improvement of its programs which are available to everybody.

Decree-Law 5.111/2005 in its complete form – click here
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